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Li Auto Inc. Clarifies: No Plans for Lower Configuration Li L6 Model

Li Auto Inc.(LI) responded to inquiries regarding the possibility of a Li L6 Air version, stating that they have no plans to offer a model with lower configuration than the Li L6 Pro. The Li L6 Pro is meticulously designed around the needs of young families, with every feature carefully tailored to meet their requirements. Therefore, there are no plans to introduce a model with lower configuration than the Li L6 Pro.

The Li L6 model was officially launched on the evening of April 18th, with the Li L6 Pro priced at 249,800 yuan and the Li L6 Max priced at 279,800 yuan.

Li Auto Inc.’s decision to focus solely on the Li L6 Pro model reflects their commitment to catering to the specific needs of their target demographic. By offering a single high-specification model, Li Auto Inc. aims to streamline their product lineup and maximize the appeal of their offerings to consumers.

The introduction of the Li L6 Pro represents a significant milestone for Li Auto Inc. in the electric vehicle market. With its competitive pricing and tailored features, the Li L6 Pro is poised to attract a wide range of customers, further solidifying Li Auto Inc.’s position in the rapidly growing electric vehicle segment.

While there may have been speculation about the possibility of a lower-configured Li L6 model, Li Auto Inc.’s clarification eliminates any uncertainty and reaffirms their strategic focus on delivering premium offerings to their customers.

Looking ahead, Li Auto Inc. is expected to continue leveraging its expertise and innovation to expand its product portfolio and capture a larger share of the electric vehicle market. The launch of the Li L6 Pro marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Li Auto Inc. as they continue to push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and innovation.

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