Trading Notebook: Alternatives, Skip Dip, Bitcoin, Facebook, Amazon

We begin our note with our reiteration of the growing demand for alternative strategies.

We hope to believe that our alternative view of the market is consistent with our preference for alternative risks and alpha-driven strategies.

Alternatives provide investors with unique opportunities for unrelated returns and comprehensive risk diversification.

We believe that combining traditional strategies with alternative solutions can provide investors with a means to fully manage long-term investment portfolios.


With the increasing concentration of risk involved in passive index funds, new artificial intelligence leads to overall market illiquidity under investment and market pressures, and alternatives can offset some of these risks.

BTFD? We still think #BTFD (Bargain-hunting failure) is over, and real managers will have to adjust their free-only purchase algorithm.

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We expect that many managers will show their true colors and cannot cope with the coming changes. Too many people are already addicted to sleep.

About Bitcoin’s Jeff Gundlach: One of the things we touched recently: Doubleline’s Jeff Gundlach called again this week to show how bitcoin (BTCUSD) is leading the stock market. “Obviously, all this is combined,” Gundlach said. (Reuters).

A few months ago we even proposed this correlation, so we are very happy that Mr. G’s savvy and strong player feels the same, which is why we respect him very much. He is not afraid to swim against the tide.

Zuckerberg replied: The Senate Judicial Committee asked Facebook (FB) Mark Zuckerberg to attend the April 10 hearing on data privacy. Facebook has been in a hot spot for the past few weeks as it revealed that it sold tens of millions of users’ data to Cambridge Analytica.

Now we all know that these figures are much larger and the abuse is even more profound. What is terrible is that no one really cares.

Trump and Amazon: President Trump’s tweets last week again included the Amazon (AMZN) scene. As we all know, POTUS has always been vocal in opposing the role of Amazon in everyday life.

He has been very fair about the role of the government in helping Amazon deliver packages and the limited taxes that the company seems to ultimately pay.

We expect this kind of remark to continue to exist, especially considering the trajectory of the United States debt, some people have to provide funds.

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