Top Growth Stocks For 2018

Facebook (Nasdaq:FB) is one of the most important investment achievements of the past decade. The company’s social media platform has attracted billions of advertisers’ spending and has driven it to become one of the most profitable companies. With the Congress’s in-depth study of the company’s business and recent insights on user data privacy (or lack thereof), some investors may wish to invest funds elsewhere.

Although Facebook’s performance over the past few years will be difficult to duplicate, we asked three contributors to screen financial and business models to launch three returns that beat Facebook.

Top Growth Stocks For 2018: Honeywell International (HON)

Honeywell’s stock price rose on Monday, which may indicate that investors have reason to feel excited about the company’s company known for its thermostats and other buildings, home and industrial control technologies. Based on our current Zacks Consensus Estimates, Honeywell’s revenue is expected to increase by 4.7% to US$9.94 billion. At the same time, the company’s revenue is expected to increase by 13.9% to 1.89 US dollars per share.

Honeywell is also currently Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) with a profit ESP of 0.46%. More in depth, HON’s most accurate estimate – recent analyst sentiment – represents $1.90 per share, which is 1 cent higher than our current consensus estimate. This means that Honeywell may be ready to enter its first quarter earnings forecast when it announces its financial results before the market opens on Friday, April 20.

Top Growth Stocks For 2018: Appfolio, Inc. (APPF)

AppFolio provides cloud-based software solutions for the property management and legal industries. The company’s AppFolio Property Manager is the leading property management solution, and its MyCase app is ideal for practitioners and small law firms. AppFolio found consistent profitability, and investors have received a 66% return in the past year.

Stock chart and spreasheet superimposed over global map.
The APPF currently ranks second (purchases) in the Zacks rankings and has grown to “A” in our style scoring system. The stock will continue to maintain its upward trend and maintain a continuous bottom line expansion. The current market is generally expected to have a net sales growth rate of 26% this year, and it is expected that EP will increase by 37%.

Top Growth Stocks For 2018: Autodesk (ADSK)

This pioneering 3D design company makes software for people who make things. This includes software for architects, animators, builders and engineers. Prices have fallen by 3.4% last month. But its growth trajectory is still very impressive, with prices up 25% so far this year.

According to the street, this is just the beginning. In the past three months, Autodesk, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSK) has received an impressive 13 buy ratings with an average price target of $154 (+16%). Two of these ratings stand out. Top Oppenheimer analyst Koji Ikeda called ADSK his preferred stock option in Saas/applications. He explained: “Autodesk is a proven franchise and industry leader that operates in almost all industries as an industry standard and essential technology.”

Looking into the future, Ikeda sees tremendous growth potential because “the business has an advantage in a large but slightly infiltrating construction industry that is eager for next-generation technologies, such as Autodesk, which helps the digital industry.”

Similarly, Robert Oliver, an analyst with the five-star Robert W Baird, called ADSK “Fresh Pick.” He said that his price target rose from 145 US dollars to 155 US dollars (20% increase), while praising the company’s strong execution.

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