Top Penny Stocks To Invest In Right Now

While most income investors are reaching for big yields right now, a small group of “hidden yield” stocks are quietly handing smart investors growing income streams plus annual returns of 12%, 27.1% and even 54% or more per year.

So if you want to double your money every few years – and double your income as well – then you need to focus on the seven stocks I’m about to share.

(All seven are about to hike their dividends. Yet the “forward-looking market” hasn’t yet priced in these payout raises. This is free money the market is giving....More>>>

Top 10 Dividend Stocks To Watch For 2018

In this segment of the Motley Fool Money podcast, host Chris Hill asks Million Dollar Portfolio’s Jason Moser, Hidden Gems Canada’s David Kretzmann, and Total Income’s Ron Gross about the companies they’re most intrigued by this week and why.

Top 10 Dividend Stocks To Watch For 2018: Boston Omaha Corporation(BOMN)

All told, Boston Omaha is still very early in its life as a public company — its initial public offering was in June 2017 — and not yet profitable. Yet Rozek and Peterson are currently building the infrastructure to....More>>>

Hot Biotech Stocks To Buy For 2018

Cryptocurrency mining describes the process by which persons and/or businesses with high-powered computers and servers compete against one another to solve highly complex mathematical equations that are the result of the encryption designed to protect transactions on a blockchain network. The first to solve a group of equations and verify that those transactions (known as a block) are true — i.e., that the same virtual token wasn’t spent twice — receives what’s known as a "block reward." This reward is paid out in tokens of the virtual currency that’s....More>>>

Top 10 Small Cap Stocks For 2018

Investing with a long-term perspective doesn’t mean you have to buy slow-growing companies. In fact, investors who are in the market for the long haul can more easily stomach the volatility that often comes with owning growth stocks.

To help you track down a few such companies, we asked three Motley Fool writers for their top growth stock recommendations to buy now, and they came back with the following stocks. Here’s why.

Top 10 Small Cap Stocks For 2018: BB&T Corporation(BBT)

This super-regional bank offers an attractive value as it realizes expense cuts in....More>>>

Top 10 Clean Energy Stocks To Invest In Right Now

For each of these samplers I have a theme. I have a title. And I surprised you. I had a little fun with it last year. I, in fact, listened to the podcast again as I drove into work this morning just to make sure that I was doing my homework, and as it turns out my five stocks last year didn’t have a theme that united them all together.

However, there was a little secret at play [that I let you know at the end of last year’s podcast] and that is that the these company names, which seemed appropriate.

My talented producer, Rick Engdahl, tends to name every single....More>>>