Best Value Stocks For 2018

Stocks moved slightly lower on Monday as traders grow increasingly cautious about range-bound indexes and fresh volatility in the healthcare and oil sectors, but overall, investors have remained optimistic in recent trading periods thanks to better-than-expected earnings results and strong guidance.

Heading into the week, total Q1 earnings for the 154 members of the S&P 500 that had already reported were up 25.4% from the year-ago period on 10.3% higher revenues. About 80% of these companies surpassed EPS estimates, and 72.1% managed to top sales estimates.

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Hot Clean Energy Stocks To Invest In Right Now

A strong start to earnings season helped the S&P 500 Index inch higher over the last week. Several major businesses added to the positive sentiment with announcements of higher dividends.

6 notable dividend stocks increased their payouts over the last week. This included two midstream energy companies, a global manufacturer of home appliances, and a major regulated utility.

Here are top dividend stocks increasing payouts.

Hot Clean Energy Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Newfield Exploration Company(NFX)

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Top 10 Medical Stocks To Own For 2018

There’s no disputing that buying and holding high-quality stocks is the best way to generate wealth over the long term. And we’re not talking about holding for weeks or months. We advocate that investors should buy shares of businesses they’ll be comfortable owning for years.

To illustrate that point, we asked three top Motley Fool investors to each pick a stock they think investors would do well to hang onto for the next 50 years. Read on to learn why they like these stocks.

Top 10 Medical Stocks To Own For 2018: Farmland Partners Inc.(FPI)


Top 10 Growth Stocks To Buy For 2019

There are times when having an intensely negative outlook on a company’s future is more than justified. However, scooping up stocks that have fallen out of favor can also create huge upside over the long term — provided you’re picking the right ones. Read on to see why following stocks are beaten-down dividend stocks that are worth adding to your portfolio. 

Top 10 Growth Stocks To Buy For 2019: AudioCodes Ltd.(AUDC)

AudioCodes designs, develops and markets enabling technologies and communication components for the transmission of voice, fax and modem over....More>>>

Top 5 Casino Stocks To Watch Right Now

 Retirees should favor companies that operate in stable industries and offer their shareholders a predictable stream of income. So which stocks in particular can fulfill their needs? We asked a team of Motley Fool contributors to weigh in, and they picked the following stocks.

Top 5 Casino Stocks To Watch Right Now: Microsoft Corporation(MSFT)

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