Best Stock For April 2018

In 2018, after a positive optimism began, the stock index after the UN Budget had undergone a drastic correction. Nifty’s record high of about 11,000 points in the past two months has dropped by about 1,000 points. On the other hand, Sensex has slipped more than 3,000 points from its historical high. In the past two months, the market has fallen by about 10%, Rahul Jain, head of the personal wealth consultancy at Edelweiss Wealth Management, said in a recent interview with Moneycontrol.

He talked about how investors should get rid of market volatility and review the portfolio as....More>>>

Best Dividend Stocks For 2018

Overall, dividend stocks perform better than non-dividend counterparties, but there seems always to be a tug of war between growth and income. The attractiveness of stocks that have huge potential for revenue growth in a fast-growing industry is tempting because this approach can also help investors achieve their financial goals. However, there is an opportunity to gain the potential for large-scale growth while still creating a sustainable source of income.

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Weekly Whisper: McMoRan, Barrick Gold, Ford

Well, let’s talk about Whisper last week. March 14. If you are at the New York Stock Exchange, I made a special speech entitled “My Hot Stocks Buy Now.” This is a webcast. If you can’t attend the event, you will definitely go to and listen to your comments.

One of the things I talked about is oil. Seasonality is so hot. All we need is printing. guess what? We got the print.

We have been following the PowerShares DB Petroleum Fund ETF (DBO). We found that Blackpool bought at $10.20, $10.40, and $10.67. We have been very bullish on oil. Millions,....More>>>

Best Stocks Drops Today as Fed Confusion Reigns

The Dow Jones Industrial Average looks to be lower today before the Fed announced today. In today’s morning paper, we…

• Looking ahead to the start of the first quarter earnings season;
•… Emphasizes the end of Federal Express (FDX) revenue and the privatization efforts of JD;
• Focus on General Electric (GE) yesterday hit a new 52-week low.


Remember the morning market gains? They have become losses, but only because investors wait for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by a quarter later in the day.

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Best Stocks To Buy For 2018

I am a lifelong Virginia basketball fan. If you pay attention to the NCAA Tournament at the weekend, you may just smile or dismiss the sentence. My beloved Várhos – delighted by many, shameful to Virginia fans, unforgettable to all who watched – became the number one seed, losing 136 attempts in 1985 dating back to 1985 With 16 seeds, the Maryland University-Baltimore County Hound played the role of Cinderella. Strangely enough, the historic loss in Virginia reminded me of the best stocks to buy for 2018.

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