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Top Performing Stocks To Watch Right Now

The stock market opened higher on Monday, as investors seem to think that the U.S.-led Syrian air strike will not lead to greater conflict. This strike also coincided with the real start of the first quarter earnings season. Investors should use this approach to resist the recent fluctuations that have plagued the market.

On Friday, banking giants JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Citigroup (C) and PNC Financial (PNC) announced their first quarter financial results. Looking ahead, investors should use this much-anticipated period to try to make up for any losses they may suffer during the postponement....More>>>

Best Performing Stocks To Buy For 2018

Remember that investors will complain that the stock is too expensive? You should, this was just a few months ago. However, the serious correction of the market in 2018, especially since the beginning of the “trade frenzy” more than a month ago, has put some good stocks in sight for some time.

Our “Best Performing Stocks” screen is a good way to find the best stocks that may be performing in the future. When the market moves together, they are ready to go higher. Here are the stocks listed in our model that will perform best in the future.

Best Performing Stocks To....More>>>

The Market Is Approaching the Edge

The stock market has begun to show the classic symptoms that professional men call manic depression.

Its mood swings a lot… and its mood swings are extreme.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 510 points yesterday morning.

Then the pendulum at the other extreme sends 720 manic points to it.

At the same time, yesterday was the 26th time this year, and Standard & Poor’s has risen 1% or more in either direction.

Six of these mood swings have caused a decline of at least 1% – plus the sum of the past two years.

Something is wrong....More>>>

Best Undervalued Stocks For 2018

After the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index achieved close to the historical record for two consecutive months, investors have now fallen for two consecutive months. Although this does not really tell us what will happen to stocks next month or later, it does confirm one thing: stocks may be unpredictable in the short term. For example, the S&P 500 Index was down 8% when writing this article, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 9% from its high point.

On the other hand, stocks are still the best long-term creators of Joe and Jane’s average wealth, and the....More>>>

Best Dividend Stocks For 2018

Overall, dividend stocks perform better than non-dividend counterparties, but there seems always to be a tug of war between growth and income. The attractiveness of stocks that have huge potential for revenue growth in a fast-growing industry is tempting because this approach can also help investors achieve their financial goals. However, there is an opportunity to gain the potential for large-scale growth while still creating a sustainable source of income.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is still in its infancy, but technology is everywhere. These systems are used to support voice responses....More>>>