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Top Semiconductor Stocks to Buy For 2018

Although Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is a dominant technology company, its various business lines tend to peak and trough, which may cause suppliers’ orders and revenues to be inconsistent. In addition, the company recently announced plans to begin using its own chips on Macintosh computers by 2020. Therefore, for technology investors who want to keep the semiconductor industry very hot, they focus on little or no exposure to Apple.

We have screened Merrill Lynch’s research database, in which semiconductor stocks rated Buy have invested far less in Apple than other companies, and....More>>>

Best Tech Stocks To Buy For May 2018: MX

MagnaChip Semiconductor (MX) has been in an unstable state for the past year. The stock is currently in a 52-week low-end trading zone, and I think it is a cheap valuation. I expect MagnaChip will benefit from the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and other applications over the years. Low valuations and growth will drive share prices up by 40% in two years, perhaps faster.

MagnaChip’s Competitive Advantage

MagnaChip is a manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions. The company’s products are used in communications, internet of things, consumer....More>>>

Great Growth Stock Right Now: TWTR

In the past few weeks, the tech industry has been very shocked. In the Cambridge Analytica scandal, investors were cautious about Facebook (FB), allowing other social media to start attracting more attention.

Another major social media Twitter Twitter (TWTR) has jumped to Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy). With Facebook-like advertising driving business models, Twitter may be the choice of investors who want to turn to another large social media option.

Here’s why Twitter may be an exciting stock detail this year.

Amazing growth

In the past year, Twitter’s stock....More>>>

Top Growth Stocks For 2018

Facebook (Nasdaq:FB) is one of the most important investment achievements of the past decade. The company’s social media platform has attracted billions of advertisers’ spending and has driven it to become one of the most profitable companies. With the Congress’s in-depth study of the company’s business and recent insights on user data privacy (or lack thereof), some investors may wish to invest funds elsewhere.

Although Facebook’s performance over the past few years will be difficult to duplicate, we asked three contributors to screen financial and business models to launch....More>>>

IBM’s revenue growth failed to wow the market on Tuesday

Investors in International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE: IBM) are again disappointed by the company’s weak growth figures in the first quarter of 2018.

On Tuesday afternoon, IBM announced its second consecutive quarter of revenue growth, indicating that the large investment in cloud computing and artificial intelligence over the years may eventually begin to achieve results, but the stock initially fell more than 5%.

Excluding certain items, IBM’s earnings per share was $2.45, which was higher than the consensus analyst estimate of $2.42. IBM’s first-quarter....More>>>