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Best Cheap Stocks For 2018

Holding equity in large companies that pay dividends on a regular basis and then investing in these expenditures is one of the most reliable ways to create long-term wealth. The challenge, then, is to find companies that can maintain high levels of performance, and to keep returning revenue flowing while also supporting the business’s future.

With this in mind, we ask three Motley Fool investors to identify a top high-yield stock that is worth holding forever. Continue reading why they chose Boston Omaha (NASDAQ:BOMN), Celanese Corporation (CE), Hemp Wheaton (CBWTF).

Best Cheap Stocks For 2018: Boston Omaha (NASDAQ:BOMN)

I was dizzy thinking about being locked in an investment – any investment – ten years, not to mention half a century! For example, the typewriter company did indeed look like a stable long-term investment in the 1970s. This is why in the long run this is a diversified security factor: investing in a wide variety of industries can ensure that a small interruption (for typewriters, PCs) does not affect your entire portfolio.

Fortunately for investors, it is not more diverse than Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire Hathaway has insurance (GEICO), railroads (Burlington North Santa Fe) and food (Queen, See’s Candies) and many other industries. There are many more, all kinds of industries. This allows the company to provide almost the most secure opportunities for investors who only occasionally check their portfolio.

Perhaps the company’s biggest asset is its founder, the famous “Oracle of Omaha,” 87-year-old Warren Buffett himself. Although he is unlikely to continue operating the company for 50 years – although frankly speaking, I will not put it behind him – he has left the company’s imprint on the company, his current shareholding and asset management strategy will certainly not His situation continues. . After all, his strategy is to generate returns over the market in the past year, three years, five years and ten years – if only slightly. Why not 50?

Best Cheap Stocks For 2018: Celanese Corporation (CE)

With the company’s strong quarterly results, Celanese shares rose sharply.

The company said its first-quarter earnings were $2.68 per share, or $2.79 per share after adjustment. Analysts called for adjusted earnings per share of 48 cents.

From a revenue point of view, Celanese was also impressed with an increase of 1.85 billion U.S. dollars in the first quarter, an increase of 26% from the same period of last year. The Wall Street consensus estimates that the income is expected to be 1.66 billion U.S. dollars.

The firm’s engineering materials division’s net sales during this period were US$665 million, which was 29% higher than the same period last year. U.S. GAAP operating profit was US$127 million and segment revenue was US$182 million, a record high.

Celanese Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark Rolle said: “The continued success of our business has led us to believe that we can adjust 20-25% of earnings per share in 2018.”

CE shares rose about 5.7% after the close on Monday.

Best Cheap Stocks For 2018: Hemp Wheaton (CBWTF)

Many people have no doubt heard of Wheaton Precious Metals (NYSE: WPM), formerly known as Silver Wheaton. WPM specializes in the flow of precious metals: signing agreements with miners to purchase metals at fixed prices. If done correctly, streaming can be a very profitable business.

Cannabis Wheaton Income Corporation (OTCMKTS:CBWTF) adopts the same business model and applies it to the cannabis industry. In fact, Cannabis Wheaton is the first streaming company of its kind, creating enormous potential for CBWTF. In addition, Canada is a relatively friendly country and legalized medical marijuana in 2001.

The political downwind has emerged in the form of entertainment legitimacy, which may come in August this year. However, despite strong legislative support, many Canadians expect that the full legitimacy of adults will arrive sooner. As a young company, this delay may have a negative impact on CBWTF stocks.

Having said that, I think that management has formulated a contingency plan, because relying entirely on favorable legislation is very dangerous. In addition, CBWTF fell 45% from this year’s closing high. The market may cause delays.

Of course, marijuana stocks are not the most stable investment. However, if you have some speculative funds to play, CBWTF is worth a try.