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Best Cheap Stocks For 2018

Holding equity in large companies that pay dividends on a regular basis and then investing in these expenditures is one of the most reliable ways to create long-term wealth. The challenge, then, is to find companies that can maintain high levels of performance, and to keep returning revenue flowing while also supporting the business’s future.

With this in mind, we ask three Motley Fool investors to identify a top high-yield stock that is worth holding forever. Continue reading why they chose Boston Omaha (NASDAQ:BOMN), Celanese Corporation (CE), Hemp Wheaton (CBWTF).


Best Biotech Stocks For 2019

Any value-conscious investor must now take the oil and biotech industry seriously. Despite significant improvements in oil prices over the past two years, many companies have reduced costs enough to obtain substantial profits at today’s prices, but Wall Street still positions prices at similar levels to the bottom of the market. In the past few years, biotech stock investors have been facing difficulties. Since 2015, the industry tracking Nasdaq Biotechnology Index has dropped by about 11%.

Although many large players in the industry have been a few years away, some of the smaller....More>>>

Hot Stocks to Watch For 2018

The earnings season is accelerating and there will be two hot stocks listed next week: streaming media giant Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) and commercial productivity software company Atlassian (Nasdaq: TEAM). As the two companies have recently seen phenomenal growth in their basic business areas, expectations for the upcoming quarterly performance release are high.

For Netflix in the fourth quarter, investors will look for strong original content and continue to expand globally to help drive the company’s operating margins to new heights. At the same time, those who are concerned with....More>>>

Top Warren Buffett Stocks To Buy For 2018: DXR

Daxor Co. (NYSE: DXR) has seen significant growth in the short-term interest rate in March. As of March 29, short-term interest totaled 234,045 shares, an increase of 1,257.4% from 17,242 shares on March 15. According to the average daily trading volume of 1,214,477 shares, the number of days and coverage is currently 0.2 days. At present, the company’s 33.3% stake is short selling.

In other news, Director Jonathan Adam Fair Xushu sold 19,194 shares of the company during the transaction on Thursday, March 15. The average price of the stock is $18.63 and the total value is $357,584.22.....More>>>

Top China Nuclear Stocks For 2018

The rise of China as an economic superpower has been the main investment theme for the past decade. Whether discussing the growth prospects of water heaters or smart phone manufacturers, the world’s most populous country represents an untapped potential. The same is true for the country’s energy consumption.

The International Energy Agency predicts that from now until 2040, China’s energy consumption has already taken a leading position in the world and will more than double. Although almost all energy sources are expected to grow, many investors have focused on the country’s....More>>>