Best Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy For 2018

Quoted in ancient sayings, showers in April brought May flowers. If you are a shareholder of Warren Buffett investment company Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) (NYSE:BRK-B), they may continue to receive returns. The company’s well-known stock portfolio continued to grow; at the end of 2017, the total market value of its top stock positions was close to US$171 billion, much higher than the US$122 billion at the end of 2016.

During the 2018 period, the primary stocks of these stocks have a lot of room to rise. With this in mind, there are three famous Berkshire titles that you can consider buying this month.

Best Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy For 2018: 3M (NYSE:MMM)

There may not be a company in the world that produces a diversified product like 3M (NYSE:MMM). It is a big player in the Post It Note consumer product field. Electronic products contain a brightness enhancement film, which may be on the screen where you read this article, as well as the energy of electrical connectors and filter products. This just grabbed the surface made by 3M.

The core of 3M is an innovative company. Its engineers and researchers discover market opportunities and use hundreds of internally developed technologies to provide solutions. This is how the company enters new areas because it does not have prior expertise. It literally invented its own market opening.

In the long term, 3M’s ability to transform innovation into profitability and investor’s growing dividends, current earnings per share of 1.36 US dollars, for 100 consecutive years of payment, these are great advantages. Diversified products and consistent dividends are properties I look for and always hold in stocks.

A golden egg among several within a birds nest.

Best Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy For 2018: AbbVie, Inc. (NYSE: ABBV)

Recently, AbbVie has provided disappointing data for Rova-T, one of the most concerned clinical stage drugs. The overall response rate of Rova-T in patients with severely pretreated small cell lung cancer is correct, so it is desirable to ensure that the acceleration is OK prior to Phase 3 clinical trials.

The news of Rova-T caused AbbVie’s stock to soar, and stock returns soared. At the time of this writing, buyers will have a healthy, dividend-free market share of 4.1%.

The risk of purchasing any stock dividend stocks is that further declines in the stock price will exceed any income paid by the company. No one knows what will happen next to AbbVie, but Rova-T is not the only drug manager who depends on driving future growth. It plans to apply for FDA approval immediately for the rheumatoid arthritis drug upadacitinib and the psoriasis drug risankizumab, and the peak sales of these two drugs alone exceed 11 billion U.S. dollars.

AbbVie can also benefit from the continued sales growth of the blood tumor drug Imbruvica, which has recently been approved for graft-versus-host disease, and the potential approval of its endometriosis drug elagolix, which could increase sales by $1 billion. The tag expansion may also turn its multiple myeloma drug Venclexta into a blockbuster one day.

In addition, Rova-T may not be suitable for games. Phase 3 clinical trials are continuing. Because the 5-year survival rate of advanced small-cell lung cancer is a low single-digit percentage, bar graph settings are lower for trials that are considered successful.

In the end, AbbVie’s biggest risk was the biosimilar competition’s threat to its best-selling book, Humira. Humira’s patent will soon expire in the European Union this year, so it will face some resistance, but after a proactive patent decision last year, Humira may not have to confront the US rivals in 2023. As a result, AbbVie still has some time to practice.

Overall, I think that AbbVie’s other R&D projects show that now is a good time to begin to withdraw stocks and gain dividends from the stock market.

Best Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy For 2018: Tieshan (NYSE: IRM)

Assume that the companies you operate have more records and data than can be stored. For legal and operational reasons, you cannot get rid of records and data. Will you send it to a small off-site warehouse that has been in business for several years? Or would you send it to a company that serves almost every major company on the planet, and it has been nearly seventy years old?

My guess is that you will choose the latter. Most companies will. This is also a key reason why Iron Mountain provides excellent investment options for retirees. The company began operations in 1951 and is now the undisputed leader in the field of records and data storage. Iron Mountain has more than 225,000 customers in 53 counties, including 95% of Fortune 1000 companies.

Another reason why Iron Mountain provided perfect stocks for retired people is its huge dividend, which has produced a coveted 7.15%. The company expects the adjusted EBITDA to increase by at least 5% per year over the next few years, which will keep Iron Mountain paying dividends. I think that Iron Mountain is likely to provide investors with a double-digit total return for a long time to come. This combination of stable business with recurring revenues, generous dividends, and solid growth prospects makes Iron Mountain shares ideal for retirees.

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