Best Stocks To Watch For May 2018

Some of the stocks that may attract investor attention today are:

Wall Street expects Halliburton (HAL) to announce a quarterly earnings report, with earnings per share of $0.42 and earnings before the opening of $5.75 billion. Halliburton shares fell 0.06% to $51.93 in after-hours trading.

Analysts expect Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) will earn a quarterly return of $9.33/share after the close on revenue of $30.31 billion. In after-hours trading, Alphabet’s share price rose 0.24% to US$1,079.88.

Prior to the opening of the market, Lennox International (LII) estimated that the quarterly report would receive $811.5 million at a price of $1.09 per share. Lennox shares fell 2.84% on Friday to close at $197.08.

HNI Corporation (HNI) reported the retirement of its chief executive, Stan A. Askren, and appointed Jeffrey D. Lorenger as the new CEO. HNI also reported strong first-quarter revenue. HNI shares fell 3.17% to $34.20 in after-hours trading.

Analysts estimate Hasbro, Inc. (HAS) earnings per share at $0.35 and latest quarterly earnings of $82.15 million. Hasbro will release earnings before the market opens. Hasbro’s share price fell 0.39% to $82.49 in after-hours trading.

After the market closed, Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (AMP) forecasted quarterly earnings of $3.49 per share and revenue of $3.1 billion. Ameriprise Financial shares rose 0.39% to $144.24 in after-hours trading.

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Wall Street expects Whirlpool Corporation (WHR) to close at a price of $3.01 per share after quarterly earnings, and revenue after closing is $4.94 billion. Whirlpool shares fell 0.08% to $149.25 in after-hours trading.

Stars Group Inc (TSG) announced plans to acquire Sky Betting & Gaming for $4.7 billion. Star Group’s share price rose 1.38% on Friday to $29.30.

Analysts expect KMB to report quarterly revenue of $1.71 and revenue of $4.6 billion before the opening bell. Kimberly shares fell 3.20% to $100.03 on Friday.

After the close, Owens-Illinois, Inc. (OI) estimated quarterly earnings of $0.58 per share and revenue of $1.7 billion. Owens – Illinois shares rose 0.16% to $21.66 in after-hours trading.

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