Best Stocks To Buy For Q2 2018

The first quarter was an important event in the US stock market. Both the quarter and the year begin to be good. The rebound started in November 2016 continued until the end of January. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index hit a record high – the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite performed even better.

Then, emotions change rapidly and drastically.

The return of long-term dormant fluctuations in the last two months of the quarter – US stocks fluctuate significantly. Even in retrospect, it is not clear what caused the change. Higher national debt yields, concerns over trade wars and overheated markets have been blamed. Whatever the reason, the S&P 500 has actually been declining so far this year, and the volatility is still close to the highest level during the post-crisis recovery.

All in all, this is a surprising quarter for the entire market. This is especially true of the eight stocks. Huge and unpredictable – As profits (or misses) change, mergers and acquisitions or failed investments have caused stock prices to change and investors are scrambling. In all eight cases, there may be more fluctuations.

The following is the best stocks to buy for Q2 2018:

Best Stocks To Buy For Q2 2018: Tesla Corporation (TSLA)

A fatal automatic driving accident last weekend seriously affected the artificial intelligence market. The news added to the late days of Tesla’s stock and lowered the stock price to a new 52-week low. This weekend, Tesla released more data on the X-type SUV accident.

According to the company, after the automatic driving function is turned on, the follow-up distance of the adaptive cruise control is set to the minimum. However, it was reported that the driver ignored the vehicle’s warning to regain control.

Before the new data, TSLA stocks followed the market higher at the end of the first quarter. However, Tesla stock options traders did not chase. Volume rose to 318,000 contracts, and the closing price on that day was 51%. What’s more, the sell/sell OI ratio in April has quickly risen to a reading of 1.22 and has received steady support.

This means that TSLA shares are not at the edge of the oversold area. If the yield data of Model 3 reaches an acceptable level, we can see the recovery of stock purchases.

Best Stocks To Buy For Q2 2018: Amazon (AMZN), Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN)’s stock price fell below the 50-day moving average for the first time since November – before the epic 60% rose to a high set earlier this month. At the day’s low, stock prices fell more than 12% from their highs. The catalyst is that the Trump administration may be considering regulatory and/or tax crackdowns against the company and it is reported that the company is responsible for the plight of retailers and their workers.

The company will report the results after the end of April 26. Analysts are looking for $1.19 a share in revenue, reaching $50.1 billion.

Best Stocks To Buy For Q2 2018: Marrone Bio Innovations Inc(MBII)

Marrone Bio Innovations shares are booming later the second day after the company’s quarterly report.

In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2017, the company’s GAAP revenue increased by 23.3% to US$3.3 million in the fourth quarter, compared with US$2.7 million in the same period of last year. The annual revenue increased by 29.4% to 18.2 million U.S. dollars, which was higher than the 14 million U.S. dollars in the same period of last year.

In 2017, Marrone Bio Innovations’ product shipments increased by 16.2% to US$19 million, which was higher than 2016’s US$16.4 million. In the fourth quarter, product shipments increased by 3.8 million U.S. dollars, exceeding the 5.2 million U.S. dollars in the same period of last year.

Gross profit margin for FY2017 was as high as 42%, which was higher than 32.2% in 2016. The gross profit rate in the fourth quarter was as high as 46%, which was higher than the 39% in the fourth quarter of 2016.

MBII shares rose 7.5% after the bell.

Best Stocks To Buy For Q2 2018: Anglo Gold Limited (AU)

AngloGold Ashanti Limited (NYSE: AU) is recovering, surpassing its 200-day moving average and operating at its January high, and will rise more than 20% from the current level.

The long-term trading range near the 9-dollar level has reduced the downside risk, which has risen sharply under the current price support.

The company will announce the latest quarterly information on May 8. On February 20, the company announced its second-half results, up 7% year-on-year, and earnings per share were 28 cents, which exceeded the single analyst’s estimate of 18 cents.

The continued success of the company’s African operations has contributed to this result.


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Best Stocks To Buy For Q2 2018: Splunk Corporation (Nasdaq Stock Code: SPLK)

Like many other tech stocks, Splunk Inc (Nasdaq:SPLK) has recently suffered a major blow. But this looks more like noise. Remember, SPLK stocks are still up 57% over the past 12 months.

Now, the company does face some challenges. Perhaps the biggest one is a fierce competitive environment. Let’s face it, there are many fierce competitors in the network security and real-time operational intelligence market. Including only CA, Inc. (Nasdaq: CA), Dell Software, Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) and SAP SE (ADR) (NYSE: SAP).

Another problem is that SPLK has not yet reached GAAP’s profitability. This is noteworthy because the company has been in since 2003!

Oh, yes, SPLK stocks are not necessarily cheap. Consider a price to sales ratio of approximately 11.

However, despite this, I still think that there may be a bullish situation in SPLK stocks, and the latest drop in stock prices is an attractive entry point.

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