Best Stock Picks For April 2018

The US stock market fell sharply on Monday, pushing April to the worst day since the Great Depression… I am serious. However, the United States suffered heavy losses yesterday, not only because the global markets such as the Shanghai Composite Index and DAX also suffered significant losses of 0.84% ​​and 1.31%, respectively.

When talking about the US stock market, the broader market technology stocks continued to weaken and stimulate the sell-off. All disposable “market generals” were taken away by snipers.

This is the rise and fall of the market in the first quarter, but the key is to focus on the economy and the fundamentals, which ultimately promote the stock market. These environments give us the opportunity to enter excellent companies at favorable prices.

When it comes to good companies, it’s time to introduce you to The Mosaic Company (NYSE:MOS), Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR), McDonald’s (MCD), which was my best in 2018. The best stock chosen in the stock.

Best Stock Picks For April 2018: Mosaic Corporation (NYSE: MOS)

As a reminder, it is the world’s leading producer of concentrated phosphate and potash fertilizers. In short, it is a crop nutrition company whose goal is to help the world’s growing population grow the food they need. In fact, MOS is recognized as an innovator in its field.

The stock fell hard in the first quarter, falling 6.5%, below its 50-day moving average, and the index gained support in the second half of 2017. Its current trading price is close to the 200-day moving average, but the level seems to be sticking.

Best Stock Picks For April 2018: Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: BR)

Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc. (NYSE:BR) was my first choice for the best stock pick in 2018. I am very happy to say that the BR business has so far bucked the overall trend. At the time of writing this article, BR shares ranked second overall.

The first quarter was a roller coaster in the market. The indices experienced two adjustments after experiencing nearly two years, and there was no drop of 10%. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index has fallen by about 2% so far this year. BR shares rose 21.10%.

Through its technology, Broadridge Financial provides investor communications and other solutions for the financial industry. It is one of the vanguards of the industry and has benefited greatly from the fact that the blockchain (technology behind Bitcoin) has changed the way financial services are carried out.

This $12.5 billion company has become a leader in this emerging trend. Last year, the Radiocommunication Bureau, in cooperation with two major European banks, completed a successful trial of blockchain technology in the repurchase agreement market. It is now developing blockchain-based applications for the Asia Pacific market.

With the introduction of the blockchain into its model, this once-slowly growing business has seen a significant increase. Given that technology can improve efficiency, transaction speed, overall transparency, and cost savings, many financial companies are reluctant to avoid it. Given that the Radiocommunication Bureau is already a veteran operator in this area, Blockchain is an easy sale for its existing customers.

Best Stock Picks For April 2018: McDonald’s (MCD)

McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) was downgraded from “hold” to “sell” by Zacks Investment Research in a report released on Tuesday.

According to Zacks, “Because of the economic slowdown in these areas, McDonald’s has been reporting traffic in some major markets for some time. However, various sales and digital initiatives to increase the number of guests still bode well. In fact, McDonald’s global competition has been positive for the past seven quarters, and looking ahead, the United States will pay more attention to delivery, improve digital capabilities and accelerate the deployment of future restaurant experiences, which will drive growth.In the past year, the company’s stock It also outperformed the industry.However, due to the international importance of McDonald’s, the unfavorable currencies and fierce competition among American fast food restaurants are worrying.In addition, labor costs may continue to undermine profitability.The company has witnessed 2018 in the past 30 days. The downward revision of the annual earnings forecast. ”

McDonald's logo

Several other brokers have also recently released reports on the MCD. On Wednesday, January 3rd, Stifel Nicolaus set a target price of $172.00 in McDonald’s stock price and rated the stock as “neutral.” Piper Jaffray raised the target price for McDonald’s stock from $175.00 to $185.00 and gave the stock “overweight” rating in its report on Thursday, December 14th. Goldman Sachs set a target price of 200 US dollars in the stock price of McDonald’s, and in the report on Friday, January 19th, rated the stock with a “buy” rating. Credit Suisse Group re-issued a “outperform” rating and set a target price of $175.00 (previously $191.00) for McDonald’s stock price in its report on Tuesday, March 6. Finally, Jefferies Group raised its stake in McDonald’s from a “hold” rating to a “buy” rating and raised its company’s price target from $150.00 to $200.00.

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