Best Dividend Stocks For 2018

Overall, dividend stocks perform better than non-dividend counterparties, but there seems always to be a tug of war between growth and income. The attractiveness of stocks that have huge potential for revenue growth in a fast-growing industry is tempting because this approach can also help investors achieve their financial goals. However, there is an opportunity to gain the potential for large-scale growth while still creating a sustainable source of income.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is still in its infancy, but technology is everywhere. These systems are used to support voice responses on smartphones and to tag friends on social media to provide the wisdom behind auto-driving cars. Although the estimates are different, it is expected that by 2022 the annual growth rate of the artificial intelligence market will reach 45%, exceeding US$19 billion.

More important for income investors, there are many stable dividend-paying companies that are developing this technology. With this in mind, let’s take a look at three companies that offer the possibility of making a handsome return on the huge returns paid by AI – paying shareholders dividends during the waiting period – HubSpot (NYSE:HUBS),

Best Dividend Stocks For 2018: HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS)

To be sure, most people do not like to receive spam or cold calls from sales representatives. Pop-up banners and TV ads are equally annoying. This is why more and more people are opting to quickly forward through commercial ads, use ad blockers on web browsers, and unless they recognize this number, they will never pick up the phone.

Given these realities, how can advertisers establish contact with potential customers?

HubSpot has the best answer to the puzzle I am aware of. The company has persuaded thousands of companies to focus their marketing funds on inbound marketing techniques rather than old-fashioned tactics that have lost relevance.

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HubSpot helps companies interested in converting by selling software tools to make inbound marketing strategies for software tools more effective. The company has successfully attracted more than 41,000 customers to log in, and more users are joining each day. More importantly, on average, each customer pays HubSpot $10,255 a year for access to its platform, so the business has reached a sufficient scale to begin generating free cash flow and adjusting profits.

I am convinced that as time goes on, more and more companies will warm up the idea of ​​inbound marketing and look forward to HubSpot for help. This is why if the valuation becomes more attractive, I will become a buyer of this stock.

Best Dividend Stocks For 2018: General Electric Company (NYSE:GE)

If there is competition in the market’s most hated stocks, GE will certainly become the leader. What is not annoying? Decades of business expansion. Excessive leverage has almost led to bankruptcy during the financial crisis. Businesses drastically cut profits forecasts and dividends.

All more reasons to buy this icon at the low point of the past decade.

Yes, the company has some problems. However, the company is also the world’s leading high-tech medical imaging equipment manufacturer (a growth company), and its restructuring has been turned into a wind energy, solar energy and other industries (also a growth business) for traditional (carbon) and alternative energy sources.

Best Dividend Stocks For 2018:Tesla (TSLA)

Tesla (TSLA) has always been a company and its stock price is likely to rise because of good news because the company’s groundbreaking products will allow Bull’s hopes to emerge and feel that it is walking in the water, and because of bad The news that stuck with the company is nothing but an outdated, deadline-financed debt financing card house.

Since mid-March, the bear market has apparently gained the upper hand, and Tesla’s stock has plunged into a new 52-week low on technical selling and a series of negative news headlines related to the growth of Model 3 production and other issues. They fell 2.5% to $269.60 in after-hours trading on Thursday after Tesla announced the recall of the 123,000 S sedan due to potential power steering bolt corrosion issues. The stock price is now down 33% from the September high of 389.61 US dollars.

The current trading level of the company in Eilungsk is at the level reached for the first time at the end of 2014, close to a two-year surge. Although if Tesla quickly returns to more than 300 US dollars, it is not shocking, but taking into account the history of the stock, it feels that the market is now reluctant to quickly forgive and forget the company’s recent challenges, and return to their good side Tesla will be asked to place greater emphasis on stopping execution and financial issues.

The implementation of Tesla has created more skepticism, and with the Nasdaq’s move higher southwards, this approach quickly led to a surge in stock prices. It is certain that the company will return to Wall Street later this year, but this may not happen overnight.

Best Dividend Stocks For 2018: Duluth Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:DLTH)

You may be aware of Drumth’s trade brand from its unique and interesting advertising, but the growth story is still at an early stage. For those who are unfamiliar, Duluth is a fast-growing lifestyle brand that provides consumers with high-quality, solution-based leisure and workwear for men and women.

When Duluth’s income continued to rise, its share price had dropped due to widespread retail pessimism and prudent guidance. However, Duluth has not been affected by many of the same problems that physical retailers have done. Duluth has calculated direct consumer business, its direct division produced 71% of net sales in the fourth quarter of 2017 – direct sector includes e-commerce (88%) and directory (12%) – brick and – achieve 29% of Retail retail.

Although management’s e-commerce business is constantly evolving, this does not mean that it lacks the story of retail store development. The company has just opened a consumer engagement event at its 33rd store in West Fargo, North Dakota, from the ribbon-cutting ceremony to the lumberjack display to showcase its lifestyle products. In addition to simply expanding its retail business, it also has organic development paths, such as expanding women’s business (23% of sales in 2017) and expanding male product categories.

Currently, management has identified about 100 locations, of which the Duluth store’s opening of customers and population density indicators are very attractive. It is estimated that 15 stores will be opened in 2018. Duluth needs to continue to increase its digital and television advertising to continue to increase brand awareness. Expanding its online and retail businesses at a profitable pace – If this can be achieved, growth stories are tempting for investors.

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