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Best Stocks For 2018

Investors looking for prosperity may be worse off than following the advice of Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett – Warren Buffett is one of the best known and most successful investors in history. Since 1965, the company’s compound annual growth rate has approached 21%, and has added an astonishing 2,404,748%!

Omaha quoted the most frequently quoted sentence: “I will tell you how to become rich, shut the door, be afraid when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are afraid.”

From time to time, each company will experience problems, changes or....More>>>

There is No “Free Trade” — There Is Only the Darwinian Game of Trade

Of course, more reasonable standards will recognize that iPhone and iPad do not have a single country of origin.

More than a dozen companies from at least five countries supply parts for them. Infineon Technologies of the United Kingdom produces wireless chips; Toshiba of Japan makes touch screens; and Broadcom of the United States makes Bluetooth chips, allowing devices to connect to wireless headphones or keyboards.

Analysts believe that the final price of the iPhone or iPad should be allocated to which country, but no one would think that the biggest part should not be China,....More>>>

This Retail Stock Holds Promise, but Don’t Ignore the Risks

In this section from Industry Focus, Vincent Shen and Asit Sharma discuss some of the less bullish details behind the airport retail generator Hudson Ltd. (NYSE: HUD).

From minimum payments to shareholder control, the team compared Hudson with other operators in the airport industry.


Asit Sharma: You stupidly listened to today who is a subscriber to some of our premium services and has met companies like Grupo Aeroportuario delPacífico, and I provide premium services for each revenue quarter. You may be familiar with the idea of ​​such traffic entering the airport.....More>>>

Best Stocks To Buy For April 2018: LEAF

The marijuana stocks industry is currently in adjustment, but the drop in prices has hardly affected the industry’s enthusiasm because investors have not received enough attention to the industry’s hunger because they continue to enter the industry.

The catalyst that fuels the needs and desires of this industry is that marijuana will become legal Canada at the federal level in July, which will become a priority for the entire world. The retail investment community is very firmly convinced that this date will play a catalytic role. This is what we both agree, but whether this....More>>>

Dropbox Stock a Hit, but Tech IPOs Are Dangerous

Dropbox (Nasdaq:DBX) stocks rebounded in early trading Friday, initially trading above $30 per share, a 43% increase from its $21 initial public offering price. There are certainly many appraisals of Dropbox by tech investors, but in recent years, the highly publicized initial public offerings are not common.

Dropbox IPO has valued the company at approximately US$8.2 billion and is the largest technology company since the publication of Snapchat’s parent company Snap, Inc. (SNAP) in March last year.

It is said that IPOs are listed more than 25 times, which shows that the demand....More>>>