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Top 5 Stocks To Buy For 2023

Earnings releases from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers in recent days have been as positive and strong as has been the trend across other sectors in the Q2 reporting cycle.

Driving this trend is a combination of favorable consumer fundamentals and the emergence of viable business models that blend digital access with these operators’ existing physical footprint. While a number of retailers like Walmart (WMT Quick QuoteWMT ) were already moving in that direction before the pandemic, the transition was accelerated by Covid-related business disruptions.

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7 Dividend Aristocrat Stocks to Buy in September for Gains and Stability

I’ll start by stating that any month is a great month to buy dividend aristocrat stocks. September is proving to be a volatile month in terms of economic headwinds posed by Covid-19. That has essentially been true for all of 2021, let’s hope 2022 is better.

But that volatility leaves investors searching for stability. That is of course where dividend aristocrat stocks come into the picture: Steady in the best of times and the worst of times. 

We often come across the term “dividend aristocrats” while searching for general investment advice, but what....More>>>