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10 Stocks to Buy Owned by the Top Female Portfolio Managers in America

Citywire magazine helps mutual fund portfolio managers and investors make better investments. In June, it released its list of the 20 best female portfolio managers in the U.S. Unfortunately, the magazine didn’t give you the best stocks to buy that are held by these investment professionals.

I want to make up for that honest omission. 

With that in mind, I will highlight one stock from each of the top 10 ranked portfolio managers on Citywire’s list. 

As the article points out, only 9% of U.S. mutual fund portfolio managers are women. Worse still, that....More>>>

3 International Stocks to Buy for Dividend Growth

Investors looking to build their wealth over the long term have countless options in the market today, including domestic and international stocks.

There are physical assets, such as real estate, in addition to the thousands of exchange-traded products available, and of course, thousands of individual stocks investors can buy.

Not all are created equal, of course, and one area that is often overlooked by U.S.-based investors is that of international dividend stocks. In general, international stocks tend to offer higher yields than their U.S.-based counterparts, and offer geographic....More>>>