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The Decline of AT&T Has Created a Good Buying Opportunity

AT&T (NYSE:T) made a deal that will sharply cut both its debt and risk. While T stock declined sharply afterward, the shares are worth buying for certain investors.

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Making T stock even more appealing, AT&T is poised to benefit meaningfully from the bipartisan infrastructure bill that was recently passed by the U.S. Senate. In addition to its media business spinoff and its strong wireless phone business, the recent drop in the price of T stock should be viewed as a buying opportunity for investors.

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Buy AT&T As It Bottoms and Begins to Rise

After months of turmoil, AT&T (NYSE:T) stock looks to have bottomed and is finally trending higher.

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The iconic American company that is today the world’s biggest telecommunications company and the largest provider of mobile telephone services in the U.S. has struggled this year as its stock price has endured a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs before sliding 17% since May to now trades at less than $28. Year-to-date, T stock is down more than 4%.

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