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Top 10 Canadian Stocks To Buy For 2023

In a widely expected move, Kansas City Southern (KSU Quick QuoteKSU ) pushed back the special meeting of its shareholders by a fortnight. It was originally scheduled for Aug 19 and will now be held on Sep 3, 2021. At the meeting, shareholders of Kansas City Southern are scheduled to vote in favor or against Canadian National Railway’s (CNI Quick QuoteCNI ) $33.6-billion offer.

Kansas City Southern’s decision to postpone the meeting is the latest in the slew of updates pertaining to its takeover.

Let’s recap the series of interesting events leading to....More>>>

Top 5 Canadian Stocks For 2023

Though we’re rivals, we Americans often appreciate the forward-thinking nature of Canadians, particularly in regard to personal liberties. With cannabis legalization, the U.S. still holds tightly to antiquated thinking. Yet at some point, this stronghold could break, which would be beneficial for Sundial Growers (NASDAQ:SNDL) stock.

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Sure, SNDL stock is currently tied exclusively to the Canadian botanical market. But that could change with American rescheduling.

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