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We’ve Made Huge Gains From M&A Deals Recently — Get Ready For More…

Thanks to a June swoon, my beloved Chicago Cubs started throwing around the dreaded “r” word. As a lifelong fan, I’ve become used to this sort of thing in most years. But still, it didn’t make it any easier.

Rebuild. That’s sports talk for jettisoning your highly-paid stars, writing the season off as a loss, and regrouping next year with a younger core of prospects.

Sure enough, General Manager Jed Hoyer dealt away most of the starting lineup in a flurry of one-sided trades. The ax fell on no less than seven heads (some joked that even the hot dog vendor was being traded....More>>>

7 Stocks to Buy Following Vaccine Victories

The novel coronavirus has dealt a crippling blow to various industries and sectors, translating to tens of thousands of businesses. It’s impacted inflation, stock markets, labor markets, interest rates and a whole swath of other financial metrics. Surprisingly, though, there hasn’t been any shortage of stocks to buy.

The stock markets reacted to the initial Covid-19 trauma with a breathtaking and stunning decline. The S&P 500 fell about 35% inside of a month. However, the market found its footing and soared to the upside. It’s been grinding away at all-time highs....More>>>