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BlackBerry’s Price Surge Hints at Good News on the Horizon

With BlackBerry (NYSE:BB) stock rebounding strongly on high trading volume, I think very good news for the company will soon be reported. BE stock climbed 5.2% on Aug. 23 to $10.14, far outpacing the gains of the S&P 500 and Nasdaq exchanges. It’s up nearly 10% today.

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Meanwhile, BlackBerry could actually greatly benefit from an event that appears to be adverse to its interests. Additionally, a key research firm recently became much less bearish on on BB stock. These factors could continue to push the stock upward in the coming days.


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Most Salvadorans oppose the government's decision to make Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) a legal tender in the country alongside the United States dollar.

What Happened: According to a Reuters report, a poll by the local university Central American University showed that at least 67.9% of 1,281 people disagree or strongly disagree with the use of Bitcoin as a legal tender.

Only over 32% of the survey participant said that they agree with the decision, at least to some extent.

The study was issued just days before El Salvador's Bitcoin adoption becomes....More>>>