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7 Stocks to Buy When There’s Blood in the Streets

In general, the last quarter of the year is good for equity markets. However, it’s too early to assume that the markets are automatically headed higher. From the perspective of most investors, Q4 is set up to provide both opportunities and challenges. The upside is that the best time to look for stocks to buy is when there is blood in the streets. The bad news is that stocks may continue to struggle, given the current macro backdrop.

So, what’s the reason for concern?

Well, inflation remains high, and aggressive monetary tightening is increasing fears of a looming....More>>>

4 Crypto Stocks to Buy as Bitcoin Adoption Increases

The total number of cryptocurrency users globally were 106 million as of January 2021. The surge in number of global users has been unprecedented in the last few months. Thus, this rise has cause a number of crypto stocks to be a hot commodities for investors.

In June 2021, the crypto users globally more than doubled to 221 million. Clearly, adoption of Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) has been growing at a stellar pace with big participation coming from institutional investors.

From a price action perspective, the worst seems to be over for Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has been trading higher....More>>>