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Netbox Global Grows After Partnership With GDA Capital

During the COVID-19 pandemic internet usage and streaming has increased by up to 70 percent. Likewise, the American Computing Association found that traffic volume has grown by 15 – 20 percent.  This is mostly due to people working from home and spending extra time communicating through these services. 

In this climate, new applications such as Netbox.Browser have seen explosive growth as the need for secure browsing services continues to increase. The browser enables activities such as online browsing, gaming, betting, and staking all from within a blockchain-based secure....More>>>

EXCLUSIVE: Why This Company Chose To Build A Supply Chain For Human Reproductive Material Over The B

This company is utilizing Bitcoin’s (CRYPTO: BTC) blockchain in helping keep track of unique and personal human biospecimens like sperm, eggs, embryos, tissues, and organs.

Precious Belongings, Precious Coin: “I like to think that our genetic material is our legacy, and should transcend lifetimes,” said Wei Escala, founder and CEO of Eggschain. 

As per Escala, preservations of biospecimens needed a decentralized approach because even though the current methodologies of record-keeping involve diligence, centralized records suffer from a weakness.