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5 Ways We Can Profit From Infrastructure Spending

I shared a picture with my High-Yield Investing subscribers that scared the daylights out of me recently.

The image, reportedly taken by a kayaker, captures one section of a 900-foot steel beam undergirding the I-40 bridge between Arkansas and Tennessee. Check it out below. Zoom in closely, and you can see a devastating fracture running from top to bottom.

Tennessee Department of Transportation

Built in 1973, the 2-mile bridge into Memphis has clearly weakened a bit in its old age. About 50,000 vehicles cross the Mississippi River daily on this 6-lane span, and....More>>>

This High-Yield Dividend Stock's Latest Deal Launches a New Growth Phase

Brookfield Infrastructure (NYSE:BIP)(NYSE:BIPC) has a long history of steadily expanding its operations. The company has grown its funds from operations (FFO) per share at a 15% compound annual rate since its inception in 2009. That has enabled it to consistently increase its dividend yield (which currently clocks in at around 3.7%) at a 10% annual rate. 

Brookfield is about to enter its next expansionary phase, fueled by its pending acquisition of Inter Pipeline (TSX:IPL). The deal was one of the central themes of the infrastructure company’s second-quarter shareholder letter.....More>>>