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EXCLUSIVE: Dogecoin Influencers Team Up To Organize 'The Doge Conference'

Several prominent Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) influencers have teamed up to put on “The Doge Conference,” with speakers, musical artists, and even a chance to win a Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) Cybertruck.

Bringing The Crypto Space Together: Jenny Q Ta, a Wall Street veteran and cryptocurrency expert, is the founder and director of the Doge conference, an event she hopes can unite the cryptocurrency community.

“Within the crypto space, Doge is known for having the most supportive and inclusive community — a community we fondly call the 'Doge....More>>>

EXCLUSIVE: Why This Company Chose To Build A Supply Chain For Human Reproductive Material Over The B

This company is utilizing Bitcoin’s (CRYPTO: BTC) blockchain in helping keep track of unique and personal human biospecimens like sperm, eggs, embryos, tissues, and organs.

Precious Belongings, Precious Coin: “I like to think that our genetic material is our legacy, and should transcend lifetimes,” said Wei Escala, founder and CEO of Eggschain. 

As per Escala, preservations of biospecimens needed a decentralized approach because even though the current methodologies of record-keeping involve diligence, centralized records suffer from a weakness.