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The Real Impact of Student Loan Forgiveness

As we prepare for the Jackson Hole reaction from traders… I wanted to take a moment to discuss something really important to me.

I suppose it is fitting, coincidence or irony –

I’ve never understood the distinction at times.

I took school very seriously. I think you see that each day that I’m on air. But there’s another side to the story you don’t see when the camera goes off.

After four years of aggressive student loan payments, I made the final payment on my graduate student loans on Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

One day later,....More>>>

3 Stocks Under $100 to Buy and Hold Forever

While some investors like to manage their portfolios actively, others prefer to buy stocks under $100 for the long term. This means holding onto shares for as long as thirty years, or even forever.

However, you can’t hold just any stock indefinitely. Plenty of companies seem like a great bet one year, only to plummet the next.

The types of stocks that you can hold forever must have sustainable business models. They should be leaders in their fields and have longstanding reputations as strong companies. Additionally, they should be growing and have solid balance sheets.