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Wait for a Dip Before Buying Support.com Stock

Among the “meme stocks,” there have been many potential short-squeeze plays that never quite panned out. Support.com (NASDAQ:SPRT) stock, however,  did actually get squeezed much higher.

In August, the company’s shares  surged from $8 to as much as $59.69 per share. Since then, however, SPRT stock has slid lower. But it is still well above the range in which had traded before its explosive rally.

Source: Mark Agnor / Shutterstock.com

Support.com’s shares have been very profitable for those who bought the stock after the company ....More>>>

Naked Brands Is a Favorable RiskReward Trade

With renewed interest once again flowing back to Reddit’s meme stocks, Naked Brands (NASDAQ:NAKD) stock may be worth a second look.

Source: NazarBazar/Shutterstock.com

Currently, NAKD stock seems to have found a solid support level at the 50-cent price range. The stock has tried to move upward the past few weeks yet has met sufficient resistance every time.

The last Reddit-fueled rally in June brought the stock from 50 cents to a high of $1 in a matter of days. Trading speculative small-cap stocks like NAKD can come with its own set of rewards. There is continued....More>>>