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Senseonics Can Move Higher, but Competitive Concerns Abound

Generally speaking, I’m not the biggest fan of discussing publicly traded companies with a strong social media following. In many cases, you’re just dealing with the hype of the moment. However, Senseonics (NYSEAMERICAN:SENS) stock offers a sound basis for justification if you’re interested in gambling.

To provide some quick background, Senseonics gained fame for Eversense, its long-term continuous glucose monitor (CGM) product, offering diabetes patients greater flexibility in their day-to-day lives and improving overall outcomes.

Better yet, the company has....More>>>

Top 5 Medical Stocks To Watch For 2023

Casual onlookers may have a hard time digesting the broader implications of the virtual reality sector. Having personally stepped into the realm of digitalized ecosystems, I can tell you the practice takes some getting used to. At the same time, innovation is constantly moving forward, which makes the investment case for virtual reality stocks an intriguing one.

That’s really the main point about this market segment: no, it’s not going to appeal to absolutely everybody. Wearing a digital device on your head for extended periods isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing....More>>>