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Aareal Bank AG (OTCMKTS:AAALF – Get Rating) was the target of a large drop in short interest in the month of September. As of September 30th, there was short interest totalling 1,300 shares, a drop of 7.1% from the September 15th total of 1,400 shares. Based on an average daily trading volume, of 0 shares, the days-to-cover ratio is presently ? days.

Aareal Bank Price Performance

Shares of Aareal Bank stock opened at $31.99 on Wednesday. Aareal Bank has a 12 month low of $24.50 and a 12 month high of $33.00. The stock’s fifty day simple moving average is $31.99 and its 200 day simple moving average is $31.95.

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Aareal Bank Company Profile

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Aareal Bank AG, together with its subsidiaries, provides financing, software products, digital solutions, and payment transaction applications for the property sector and related industries in Germany, North America, Asia Pacific, and internationally. The company operates through three segments: Structured Property Financing, Banking & Digital solutions, and Aareon.

Hot Bank Stocks For 2023: Marathon Petroleum Corporation(MPC)

Marathon Petroleum Corporation, incorporated on November 9, 2009, is engaged in petroleum product refining, marketing, retail and transportation businesses in the United States and the east of the Mississippi. The Company’s segments include Refining & Marketing, Speedway, and Midstream. Refining & Marketing segment refines crude oil and other feedstocks at its refineries in the Gulf Coast and Midwest regions of the United States, purchases ethanol and refined products for resale and distributes refined products, through various means, including barges, terminals and trucks that it owns or operates. It sells refined products to wholesale marketing customers domestically and internationally, buyers on the spot market, its Speedway business segment and to independent entrepreneurs operating Marathon retail outlets.

The Company has approximately 5,400 miles of crude oil and products pipelines that its owns, leases or which it has an ownership interest; ownership interest in Southern Access Extension (SAX) pipeline; approximately 20 owned or leased inland towboats and over 220 owned or leased inland barges, and ownership interest in a blue water joint venture with Crowley Maritime Corporation. The Company has approximately 60 owned and operated light product terminals with approximately 20 million barrels of storage capacity and over 190 loading lanes; over 20 owned and operated asphalt terminals with approximately four million barrels of storage capacity and over 70 loading lanes; a leased and two non-operated, partially-owned light product terminals; over 2,210 owned or leased railcars; over 60 million barrels of tank and cavern storage capacity at its refineries; over 30 rail and 30 truck loading racks at its refineries; over seven owned and 11 non-owned docks at its refineries; condensate splitters at its Canton and Catlettsburg refineries, and approximately 20 billion gallons of fuels distribution.

Refining & Marketing

The Company owns and operates approximately seven refineries in the Gulf Coast and Midwest regions of the United States with an aggregate crude oil refining capacity of 1,794 million barrels per calender day (mbpcd). The Company’s refineries process approximately 1,710 mbpd of crude oil and 180 mbpd of other charge and blendstocks. Its refineries include crude oil atmospheric and vacuum distillation, fluid catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, catalytic reforming, coking, desulfurization and sulfur recovery units. The refineries process a range of condensate, light and heavy crude oils purchased from various domestic and foreign suppliers. It produces a range of refined products, ranging from transportation fuels, such as reformulated gasolines, blend-grade gasolines intended for blending with ethanol and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel, to heavy fuel oil and asphalt. Additionally, it manufactures aromatics, propane, propylene and sulfur. Its Garyville, Louisiana refinery is located along the Mississippi River in southeastern Louisiana between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The Garyville refinery is configured to process a range of crude oils into gasoline, distillates, fuel-grade coke, asphalt, polymer-grade propylene, propane, slurry, sulfur and dry gas.

The Company’s Galveston Bay refinery is located on the Texas Gulf Coast approximately 30 miles southeast of Houston, Texas. The refinery can process a range of crude oils into gasoline, distillates, aromatics, heavy fuel oil, fuel-grade coke, refinery-grade propylene, sulfur and dry gas. Its Catlettsburg, Kentucky refinery is located in northeastern Kentucky on the western bank of the Big Sandy River, near the confluence with the Ohio River. The Catlettsburg refinery processes sweet and sour crude oils into gasoline, distillates, asphalt, aromatics, refinery-grade propylene and propane. Its Robinson, Illinois refinery is located in southeastern Illinois. The Robinson refinery processes sweet and sour crude oils into gasoline, distillates, propane, anode-grade coke, aromatics and slurry. Its Detroit, Michigan refinery is located in southwest Detroit. The Detroit refinery processes sweet and heavy sour crude oils into gasoline, distillates, asphalt, fuel-grade coke, chemical-grade propylene, propane, slurry and sulfur. Its Canton, Ohio refinery is located approximately 60 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio. The Canton refinery processes sweet and sour crude oils, including production from the nearby Utica Shale, into gasoline, distillates, asphalt, roofing flux, refinery-grade propylene, propane and slurry. Its Texas City, Texas refinery is located on the Texas Gulf Coast adjacent to its Galveston Bay refinery, approximately 30 miles southeast of Houston, Texas. The refinery processes light sweet crude oils into gasoline, chemical-grade propylene, propane, aromatics, slurry and dry gas.

The Company owns a biofuel production facility in Cincinnati, Ohio that produces biodiesel, glycerin and other by-products. The capacity of the plant is approximately 60 million gallons per year. The Company holds interests in ethanol production facilities in Albion, Michigan; Clymers, Indiana and Greenville, Ohio. The Company sells gasoline, gasoline blendstocks and distillates, including No. 1 and No. 2 fuel oils, jet fuel, kerosene and diesel fuel to wholesale customers, Marathon-branded independent entrepreneurs and its Speedway convenience stores and on the spot market. In addition, it sells diesel fuel and gasoline for export to international customers. It produces propane at its refineries. Propane is primarily used for home heating and cooking, as a feedstock within the petrochemical industry, for grain drying and as a fuel for trucks and other vehicles. It is a producer and marketer of feedstocks and specialty products. It produces and markets heavy residual fuel oil or related components, including slurry, at its refineries. It has refinery-based asphalt production capacity of approximately 100 mbpcd, which includes asphalt cements, polymer-modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, industrial asphalts and roofing flux. Its marine transportation operations includes approximately 20 owned and one leased towboat, as well as over 200 owned and 10 leased barges that transport refined products and crude oil on the Ohio, Mississippi and Illinois rivers and their tributaries and inter-coastal waterways.


The Company’s Speedway segment sells gasoline, diesel and merchandise through convenience stores that it owns and operates under the Speedway brand. The Speedway segment sells transportation fuels and convenience products in the retail market in the Midwest, East Coast and Southeast. The Speedway convenience stores offer a range of merchandise, including prepared foods, beverages and non-food items. The Speedway segment owns approximately 100 transport trucks and over 80 trailers for the movement of gasoline and distillate.


The Company’s Midstream segment includes the operations of MPLX LP (MPLX) and certain other related operations. MPLX transports crude oil and other feedstocks to the Company’s refineries and other locations, delivers refined products to wholesale and retail market areas, gathers, processes and transports natural gas, and transports, fractionates, stores and markets natural gas liquids (NGLs). The Company owns, leases or has ownership interests in approximately 8,400 miles of crude oil and products pipelines, of which approximately 2,900 miles are owned through its investments in MPLX. Also through its investments in MPLX, it owns approximately 5,000 miles of gas gathering and NGL pipelines and has ownership interests in over 50 gas-processing plants, over 10 NGL fractionation facilities and a condensate stabilization facility.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Matthew DiLallo]

    Several factors drove the big uptick in cash flow last year. One of the biggest drivers was the acquisition of $8.1 billion of midstream assets from refining giant Marathon Petroleum (NYSE:MPC). In addition to that, MPLX benefited from the purchase of an export terminal from a third party, as well as organic expansions of its pipelines and gathering and processing business. Those same growth drivers have helped steadily increase MPLX’s cash flow over the years, which has enabled it to consistently send more cash back to investors.

  • [By Jon C. Ogg]

    Marathon Petroleum Corp. (NYSE: MPC) is rated as Buy with a $95 price objective. This was said to be based on an assessed cash flow value of it its refining and retail segments by treating the assets as annuities after stripping out the maintenance capital plus the market value of interest in publicly traded midstream businesses. Shares of Marathon were trading down 0.5% at $64.66.

Hot Bank Stocks For 2023: NextEra Energy Partners, LP(NEP)

Nextera Energy Partners, LP, incorporated on March 6, 2014, is a limited partnership formed to acquire, manage and own contracted clean energy projects. The Company, through its limited partnership interest in NextEra Energy Operating Partners, LP, owns a portfolio of contracted renewable generation assets consisting of wind and solar projects.

As of December 31, 2014, the Company’s projects portfolio consists of clean, contracted renewable energy assets that include Northern Colorado, Elk City, Moore, Sombra, Perrin Ranch, Conestogo, Tuscola Bay, Summerhaven, Bluewater and Genesis. Northern Colorado is a wind project with a capacity of 174 megawatt. Elk City and Perrin Ranch are wind projects with a capacity of 99 megawatt. Moore and Sombra are solar projects with a capacity of 20 megawatt. Conestogo is a wind project with a capacity of 23 megawatt. Tuscola Bay is a wind project with a capacity of 120 megawatt. Summerhaven is a wind project with a capacity of 124 megawatt. Bluewater is a wind project with a capacity of 60 megawatt. Genesis is a solar project with a capacity of 250 megawatt. On January 9, 2015, a subsidiary of the Company acquired 100% of the membership interests of Palo Duro Wind Project Holdings, LLC, which indirectly owns the Palo Duro wind facility (Palo Duro), an approximately 250 megawatt wind generating facility located in Texas.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By ]

    While NextEra Energy Partners (NYSE: NEP) isn’t among the final five stocks I selected as absolute favorites for my latest report, it certainly fits the bill.

  • [By Jason Hall]

    Learn more about the pros and cons of Brookfield Renewable (NYSE:BEP), TerraForm Power (NASDAQ:TERP), NextEra Energy Partners (NYSE:NEP), and Pattern Energy (NASDAQ:PEGI), and which one looks most attractive right now. Plus, the hosts talk about the future of Boeing (NYSE:BA) as an investment, and what effect the 737 tragedies will have on the company’s long-term picture.

Hot Bank Stocks For 2023: The Beachbody Company, Inc.(BODY)

The Beachbody Company, Inc. operates as a health and wellness platform providing fitness, nutrition, and stress-reducing programs. It operates through two segments, Beachbody and Other. The company operates Beachbody on Demand, a digital subscription platform that provides access to a library of live and on-demand fitness and nutrition content; and Openfit, a digital streaming platform that provides digital fitness and wellness resource. It also offers nutritional products, such as Shakeology, a once-a-day premium nutrition shake; Beachbody Performance supplements comprising pre-workout Energize, post-workout Recover, and overnight recovery supplement Recharge products; and BEACHBARs low sugar, protein bars, as well as connected fitness products. As of March 31, 2021, the company had 2.7 million digital subscriptions. The Beachbody Company, Inc. is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By ]

    The Beachbody Company  (BODY) – Get Report: “I think they're good but there are too many in this space, so I have to say no.”

    Futu Holdings  (FUTU) : “The Chinese stocks are going to rally and when they do you need to sell.”

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