Cardano's Alonzo Purple Testnet Faces Concurrency Issues

Cardano (CRYPTO: ADA), a blockchain platform with its internal cryptocurrency called ADA, has faced criticism after reports of a concurrency issue found in the testnet. The first drama arose when a screenshot of the discussion between some Reddit users was put on Twitter by Anthony Sassano, a technology security analyst. These users experienced some inconsistencies with synchronization or concurrency, From the Miniswap exchange on Cardano.

Cardano’s transaction model, EUTXO, will not handle more than one transaction per block. Consequently, that means that Minswap is practically useless. The DEX became the first Dapp which was established on the Cardano testnet earlier this month.

Cardano Cracked?

Sassano is not happy with Cardano and the project’s competitiveness with Ethereum. Several analysts believe that this development is just a smear campaign.

Potential issues at Cardano increased after this message from Sassano. These concurrency issues will be the end of Cardano, and the team’s operations behind Cardano may land in trouble. 

Alonzo’s Upgrade

A few days ago, Cardano (ADA) made public that they had successfully added smart contract capabilities to the Alonzo Testnet of the platform. This is now the third and final phase for Cardano’s series of the Alonzo update.

CEO and founder of IOHK Charles Hoskinson announced the update via a video on Twitter. He noted that Alonzo’s is much smoother than Byron and Shelley. Moreover, he believes the process of upgrading is impressive. Hoskinson claims they can flip a switch as an ecosystem, and it just works on the other side.

Alonzo Purple comes after Blue and White, and when complete, will be the first fully public Cardano testnet to support smart contracts. Alonzo White, which launched around July, had assisted smart contracts for only about 500 users. It also enabled the NFT minting, such as during the recent “Liveminting” occasion held between Input Output Hong Kong and Wolfram Blockchain Labs.

Cardano’s Price

Just recently, the cryptocurrency market has been rallying. Cardano’s price spike came after it announced Alonzo’s major upgrade. Initially, this development caused a significant rise in prices. The price of Cardano rose to $3. However, there have also been rumours that smart contracts on the testnet may not work correctly from that time.

Clarification about this drama surfaced on Twitter. According to SundeaSwap Labs Cardano network-based exchange, there are no synchronization issues at all. They noted that processing hundreds of transactions per block is highly possible.

The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, may talk about the new developments. This indicates that the alleged irregularities are purely a consequence of Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FOOD).

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