Best China Stocks To Invest In 2023

Keep your rally cap on your head, because there's nothing else to hang it on, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers Tuesday. After another disappointing day in the markets, Cramer said investors are desperate to find something to hang their hats on. The only problem? There's nothing that's working.

Much of the recent rally was fueled by FOMO, or “fear of missing out.” But as we approach mid-September, timing is everything, Cramer noted, and it may no longer be prudent to buy the dips.

Today was the unveiling of Apple's AAPL newest iPhones, and typically, the stock would run up ahead of the news. That made the dip that followed the announcement a buying opportunity. But not this year, as the stock is still reeling from last week's court ruling. Then there's Wynn Resorts WYNN, which was supposed to be a reopening play in both Vegas and Macau. That was until COVID saw a resurgence and China cracked down on gambling. Even the drug stocks are under pressure as talk in Washington of price controls resurfaces.

Best China Stocks To Invest In 2023: TransUnion(TRU)

TransUnion, formerly TransUnion Holding Company, Inc., incorporated on February 15, 2012, is a risk and information solutions provider to businesses and consumers. The Company operates through three segments: US Information Services (USIS), International and Consumer Interactive. Businesses embed the Company’s solutions into their process workflows to acquire new customers, assess consumer ability to pay for services, identify cross-selling opportunities, measure and manage debt portfolio risk, collect debt, verify consumer identities and investigate potential fraud. Consumers use its solutions to view their credit profiles and access analytical tools that help them understand and manage their personal information and take precautions against identity theft. The Company has operations across various industry verticals, including financial services, insurance and healthcare. The Company has presence in over 30 countries across North America, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The Company obtains financial, credit, alternative credit, identity, bankruptcy, lien, judgment, insurance claims, automotive and other information from an average of approximately 90,000 data sources, including financial institutions, private databases and public records repositories. The Company refines, standardizes and enhances this data using algorithms to create databases. The Company’s analytics know-how includes its tools, such as predictive modeling and scoring, customer segmentation, benchmarking and forecasting. The Company’s decisioning capabilities, which are delivered on a software-as-a-service platform, allow businesses to interpret data and apply their qualifying criteria to make decisions, and take action with respect to their customers. The Company’s data, analytics and decisioning capabilities collectively allow businesses to authenticate the identity of consumers, determine the products for consumers, retain and cross-sell to existing consumers, identify and acquire new consumers, and manage loss from fraud. The Company’s capabilities also allow consumers to see how their credit profiles have changed over time, understand the impact of financial decisions on their credit scores and manage their personal information, as well as to take precautions against identity theft.

US Information Services

The Company’s USIS segment provides consumer reports, risk scores, analytical services and decisioning capabilities to businesses. The USIS segment leverages its data assets, data matching expertise and predictive analytics to develop and deliver solutions across various vertical markets. Its credit database contains the name and address of all of the United States credit-active population, a listing of their existing credit relationships and their timeliness in repaying debt obligations. The information in its database is provided by various credit-granting institutions and other data furnishers. The Company also sources information from courts, government agencies and other public records, including suits, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, professional licenses, real property, vehicle ownership, other assets, driver violations, criminal records and contact information.

The Company’s Online Data Services encompass services delivered in real-time, using both credit and public record datasets. These services include credit reports and predictive scores delivered to businesses to help them assess the risk of consumers seeking to access credit or insurance. The Company also provides online reports that link public record datasets for businesses that seek to locate consumers or specific assets, or investigate relationships among consumers, businesses and locations. The Company also provides online services to help businesses manage fraud and authenticate a consumer’s identity when they initiate a new business relationship. Its fraud database, which is updated daily and contains data elements, such as addresses and Social Security numbers from various sources that alert businesses to identities associated with known or suspected fraudulent activity. The Company provides portfolio review services, which are periodic reviews of its customers’ existing accounts, to help its customers develop cross-selling offers to their existing customers and monitor and manage risk in their existing consumer portfolios. The Company also provides trigger services, which are daily notifications of changes to a consumer profile.

The Company’s software-as-a-service offerings include a range of platforms that help businesses interpret data and predictive model results and apply their customer-specific criteria to facilitate real-time automated decisions at the time of customer interaction. The Company’s customers use Decision Services to evaluate business risks and opportunities, including those associated with new consumer credit and checking accounts, insurance applications, account collection, patient registrations and apartment rental requests. The Company’s AdSurety digital marketing capabilities allow banks to deliver personalized messages on the Internet.

The Company competes with Equifax, Experian, LexisNexis, FICO, Solera, Verisk, Emdeon, IMS Health, Inovalon, Trizetto, LifeLock and CSIdentity.


The International segment provides services similar to its USIS segment to businesses in select regions outside the United States. Depending on the maturity of the credit economy in each country, the Company’s services include credit reports, analytics and decisioning services and other value-added risk management services. The Company also has insurance, business and automotive databases in select geographies. These services are offered to customers in a range of industries, including financial services, insurance, automotive, collections and communications, and are delivered through both direct and indirect channels. The International segment also provides consumer services similar to those offered by its Consumer Interactive segment to help consumers manage their personal finances. The Company’s approximately two market groups in the International segment include Developed Markets and Emerging Markets.

The Company offers online data services, marketing services and decision services in Canada and Hong Kong. The Company operates across various verticals in Canada with positions in insurance, collections and automotive, and a presence in financial services. Its Canadian customer base encompasses various companies in verticals, including banks, credit card issuers, insurance companies and automotive manufacturers. The Company is a primary supplier of data and value-added solutions to the banks in Hong Kong. The Company also provides online data services, marketing services and decision services in emerging markets, such as South Africa, Brazil, India and other countries in the Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions.

The Company is diversified and serves a range of industries through traditional consumer credit reporting services, insurance solutions, auto information solutions, commercial credit information services and consumer solutions in South Africa. The Company also has presence in Kenya, Namibia, Swaziland, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Rwanda, Malawi and Uganda. The Company has operations in several Central and South American countries, including a presence in the Dominican Republic and an interest in Trans Union de Mexico, S.A., the primary credit-reporting agency in Mexico. In Guatemala, the Company maintains a centralized database that services Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The Company also own ZipCode, which is an alternative database in Brazil with information on over 190 million consumers and approximately 30 million companies, and is an industry data source for collections and marketing.

The Company owns or has access to various non-credit data sources that the Company uses to enhance its solutions. The Company offers a range of risk and information solutions across the credit life cycle for banks, telecommunication companies and insurance companies. Its range of offerings includes analytics and decisioning solutions that enable its customers to make decisions. Along with its business solutions, the Company also offers online credit scores and reports to consumers, and is in the process of building additional capabilities in the consumer interactive area. Its operations in Asia Pacific include markets, such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China and the Philippines. The Company also has a presence in China, where the Company provides consulting on fraud and authentication solutions to financial institutions.

The Company competes with Equifax and Experian.

Consumer Interactive

The Company’s Consumer Interactive segment offers solutions that help consumers manage their personal finances and take precautions against identity theft. Services in this segment include credit reports and scores, credit monitoring, fraud protection and resolution, and financial management. Its products are provided through online and mobile interfaces, which are supported by educational content and customer support. The Company’s Consumer Interactive segment serves consumers through both direct and indirect channels. The Company offers services directly to consumers, primarily on a subscription basis through Websites and mobile applications. Its product features include credit reports, credit scores and analysis, alerts to changes in credit information, debt analysis, identity protection services, insurance scores and the ability to restrict third-party access to a consumer’s TransUnion credit report. The Company also offers its services to business partners who combine them with their own or other branded services to be offered as a bundle to consumers, governmental agencies and businesses in support of fraud or credit protection, credit monitoring, identity authentication, insurance or credit underwriting, and collections. The Company has a range of products and services that include many of the product features, education content and customer support offered in its direct channel.

The Company competes with Equifax, Experian, FICO and LifeLock.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Stephan Byrd]

    Natixis trimmed its stake in shares of TransUnion (NYSE:TRU) by 22.9% in the second quarter, HoldingsChannel reports. The firm owned 248,242 shares of the business services provider’s stock after selling 73,784 shares during the quarter. Natixis’ holdings in TransUnion were worth $17,784,000 at the end of the most recent reporting period.

  • [By Shane Hupp]

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Best China Stocks To Invest In 2023: Tengasco, Inc.(TGC)

Tengasco, Inc., incorporated on April 18, 2011, is engaged in the business of exploration for and production of oil and natural gas. The Company’s area of oil exploration and production is in Kansas. The Company’s subsidiary, Manufactured Methane Corporation (MMC) operates treatment and delivery facilities in Church Hill, Tennessee, for the extraction of methane gas from a landfill for eventual sale as natural gas and for the generation of electricity. The principal markets for the Company’s crude oil are local refining companies. The Company holds a working interest in over 210 gross wells.

The Company’s operated properties in Kansas are located in central Kansas and include approximately 180 producing oil wells, approximately 30 shut-in wells and approximately 40 active disposal wells (the Kansas Properties). The Company maintains a working interest in most of its wells and undrilled acreage in Kansas. The terms for most of the Company’s leases in Kansas range from 3 to 5 years. The Company’s gross oil production in Kansas is approximately 160 thousand barrels (MBbl). Its technologies include three-dimensional (3D) seismic imaging utilizing microseismic interpretation for drilling wells. It has approximately 27,000 gross acres under lease containing approximately 14,200 gross acres held by production (HBP) and approximately 12,800 gross acres not HBP in various stages of development.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Logan Wallace]

    Tigercoin (CURRENCY:TGC) traded flat against the dollar during the 24-hour period ending at 18:00 PM ET on October 5th. Tigercoin has a market cap of $103,538.00 and approximately $3.00 worth of Tigercoin was traded on exchanges in the last 24 hours. One Tigercoin coin can now be purchased for about $0.0024 or 0.00000036 BTC on major exchanges. Over the last week, Tigercoin has traded 12.4% lower against the dollar.

  • [By Stephan Byrd]

    Tigercoin (CURRENCY:TGC) traded down 3.5% against the dollar during the 24 hour period ending at 7:00 AM E.T. on August 23rd. During the last seven days, Tigercoin has traded 8.4% lower against the dollar. Tigercoin has a total market capitalization of $98,130.00 and approximately $0.00 worth of Tigercoin was traded on exchanges in the last 24 hours. One Tigercoin coin can now be purchased for about $0.0023 or 0.00000035 BTC on popular exchanges.

  • [By Logan Wallace]

    Tigercoin (TGC) is a proof-of-work (PoW) coin that uses the SHA256 hashing algorithm. It launched on September 6th, 2013. Tigercoin’s total supply is 43,536,800 coins. The official website for Tigercoin is Tigercoin’s official Twitter account is @TigerCoin.

  • [By Max Byerly]

    Tigercoin (CURRENCY:TGC) traded 12.1% lower against the US dollar during the 1-day period ending at 23:00 PM E.T. on May 6th. One Tigercoin coin can now be bought for $0.0077 or 0.00000083 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. In the last week, Tigercoin has traded 6.4% lower against the US dollar. Tigercoin has a total market cap of $334,680.00 and approximately $64.00 worth of Tigercoin was traded on exchanges in the last 24 hours.

Best China Stocks To Invest In 2023: Oatly Group AB(OTLY)

Oatly Group AB, an oatmilk company, provides a range of plant-based dairy products made from oats in Sweden. It offers Barista edition oatmilk, oatgurts, and frozen desserts and novelties; ready-to-go drinks, such as cold brew latte, mocha latte, matcha latte, and mini oatmilk in original and chocolate flavors; and cooking products, including cooking creams, crème fraiche products, whipping creams, vanilla custards, and spreads in a variety of flavors. The company was formerly known as Havre Global AB and changed its name to Oatly Group AB in March 2021. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By ]

    Oat milk and vegan food producer Oatly Group  (OTLY) – Get Report on Monday reported second-quarter results that missed estimates but forecast full-year revenue that beat expectations.

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