2 Growth Stocks Getting Slowed by Supply Chain Issues

One of the side effects of the long-running coronavirus pandemic has been the supply chain disruption it’s causing. For instance, an outbreak at a manufacturing facility can send the whole staff home to quarantine. The same has been true at critically important shipping ports. 

Then there are the situations where some employees (especially those who are still not vaccinated) aren’t willing to work in crowded spaces while there is a deadly virus spreading. Some businesses have been boosting pay or offer bonuses to get employees to show up to work or face a worker shortage. 

While there have been over 5 billion doses of a vaccine against COVID-19 administered in an effort to slow the virus’s spread, there is still no end in sight for many pandemic-related supply chain bottlenecks. As a result, several growth stocks are getting slowed down. Let’s talk about two of them. 

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